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Founded in March 2018, Zion Pharma(上海赞荣医药科技有限公司) is a biotech company dedicated to developing improved and differentiated small molecule cancer therapy.  The founders, Dr. Zack Cheng and Dr. Ding Zhou, who have nearly two decades of DMPK, medicinal chemistry and project leader experience in small molecule drug discovery and development. Under their leadership, a team of experienced and energetic drug developers are trying to bring breakthrough medicines to patients. Zion Pharma is seeking self-motivated oncologist(s) with proven track record to join our vibrant culture. Job title and package are subject to candidate’s experience.



  1. Design oncology in vitro and in vivo experiments and interpret data generated at CRO
  2. Provide oncology expertise within company, to regulatory agency and investors
  3. Propose differentiated(具有差异化的)drug discovery projects from biology perspective
  4. Accountable for biology section of US/China FDA IND filing and early clinical development plan



  1. PhD in oncology with 5+ years of oncology working experience
  2. Demonstrated scientific expertise and reputation in targeted cancer therapy
  3. Successful track record in oncology drug discovery project team  
  4. Hands on experience in biomarker and patient selection diagnostics is plus